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Benefits of Purchasing  Your NFA Items Through a Trust.


  • A More Simple Process Overall

  • No Fingerprint Cards

  • No Photographs

  • No Chief Law Enforcement Officer Signoff

  • Multiple People Can Have Possession of Items

  • Clear Line of Inheritance for Items on Trust

  • File Form 1’s Electronically via eForm

  • File Form 4’s Electronically Once eForm 2.0 is Operational



Can existing items be put into my NFA GunTrust?

A: Yes, but because ownership of the NFA item is being transferred from you, as an individual, to the trust, you must file a Form 4 and pay the $200 tax. Fortunately, since you are already the owner, you can maintain possession of the item while the transfer is processing.

Are there limitations as to who I can add as a trustee?

A: Yes. If an individual is prohibited by federal, state, or local law from possessing an NFA item due to age, felony convictions, or other reasons, they cannot be added as a trustee. Only individuals legally allowed to purchase and possess NFA items may be added to the trust.



What if I want to add my child to my trust?


A: So long as he or she is of the legal age as defined by your state to possess a silencer and can sign and have their signature notarized, they can be added to your trust. If they are below the legal age for NFA item possession in your state, you may still add them as a beneficiary, not a trustee.



Can I add someone who lives out of state as a trustee?

A: Yes. Once you have added them to the trust, the new trustee will need to sign and have the trust notarized, and then send a copy back to you for your records.

**NOTE: Adding someone who lives in a non-NFA-friendly state to your trust does not make them eligible to possess NFA items in that state. They can, however, possess the items while they are in an NFA-friendly state. Local law supersedes federal law in this regard; obey all local laws.**



Is there a limit to the number of people I can add to my trust?

A: Theoretically, no. Our Trust allows entry of 7 trustees initially, but there is technically no limit to the number of additional trustees you can add through amendments to your trust.



How do I make an amendment to my Trust?

A: At some point you will no doubt need to add an item, add a trustee, remove a trustee, or make other adjustments to your trust. To do so, type up the changes and label them accordingly (e.g. Amendment 1, Amendment 2, etc.). After each Amendment, note that “The trust continues from original date of creation” so that it is clear all preceding information is still relevant. We recommend that you then print out the trust and have each amendment notarized, however, specific notarization requirements vary by state.





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